Board Chairs & Leaders

Knowing Your Organization

Nobody knows your organization like you know it! You live and breathe it and you work hard for its success. Using the model established by Edgar Schein, my consulting is really more about coaching. I help you help your board. I help you understand boards and board functions, You take the information and make changes. I'm here for any challenges, additional help, onsite facilitation that you may need, and can offer options, but you are uniquely qualified to take that information and use it in the most effective way for your organization and for your board.

Organizational Change

Organizational change can be challenging. I can help you learn effective tools and methods to achieve your goals.

Succession and Sustainability Planning


Organizations struggle with succession and sustainability planning. Succession planning is about more than who the next leader will be. It is also about how the organization needs to prepare for a new leader and looking at ways to develop future leaders within the organization.

Sustainability and succession planning go hand-in-hand because I believe that leadership is foundational for sustainable organizations. 

Sustainability is about looking at the future you want to achieve and planning and working to that end.

I can coach you through the process of business sustainability and succession planning and help you achieve a workable plan for the future of your organization.