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Nonprofit boards lead their organizations. Although most members are unpaid, they work at the highest level of the organization and have the greatest responsibilities for assuring the long-term viability of the organization. Engaged and effective boards sustain the mission of their organizations and help them thrive. Managing change to achieve organizational sustainability and succession planning is fun and can be a positive experience!

I coach leaders, executives, and board chairs to define who your board is and how they can use their individual strengths to maintain the mission of the organization, understand the organizational values, clarify and define the unique roles and responsibilities of your particular board, and understand the best ways to communicate to build an effective board based upon the best of research and practices. I coach governing leaders through succession and sustainability planning that makes sense for their organization in their specific marketplace.

Board Development

Board development focuses on engaging board directors, establishing or clarifying governance, understanding roles and responsibilities, and creatively building a uniquely effective board for your particular organization. Every board is different. I bring academic research and practitioner knowledge together to give you the best practices for your particular board.

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Understanding Nonprofit Boards

Free Masterclass: Understanding Nonprofit Boards

Class Dates: October 18, 2018 - November 29, 2018 (Skipping Thanksgiving Day)

Time: 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Central Time

Topics to be covered:


· Defining Governance

· Life Cycle of the board

· Impact of board structure, size, diversity, and term limits

· Board roles, responsibilities, and duties

· Theories and Models of Governance

· Board Effectiveness Measures & the key to high performing boards

· Sustainability & Succession Planning

· Understanding Clifton Strengths

Format: Teleseminar

Call from anywhere.

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What clients say...

"Brenda has been instrumental in overhauling our board structure. We have transitioned from a board that was disjointed and dysfunctional to an intentional team that knows how to work together. Brenda used Gallup Strengths assessments to help us find our gifts and unique abilities. These assessments allowed us to see our strengths as a board and we also learned what was missing from our organization.  After evaluating other members of our congregation we found members who had the gifts that we needed to be a well rounded and functional board. She was also instrumental in teaching us our specific roles as members of this organization. As each of us works within these boundaries, we accomplish so much more together. I would recommend Brenda to churches, schools, and businesses who need help in interrelational skills. If you want to build a team, she is a tremendous help."

Alan Clark, Senior Pastor, Gateway Community Church