Teams & Boards

Start with Strengths!


Team development and board development starts with knowing who we are and who is on the team. Recognizing each individual's unique talents and contribution begins the team approach. We will explore how strengths interact, react, and how they contribute to the highest level of success. 


A strengths perspective enables your team or board to understand the positive differences in contributions by team members. Team members and boards will have a better understanding of how each person thinks, works, builds relationships, and how they influence people. People who use their strengths have greater engagement with their roles and responsibilities and greater satisfaction in their jobs or board activities.

What Clients Say...

"Taking Clifton Strengths assessment and including a coaching session during our in-service week was very informative and fun! This was a beneficial way for me and our faculty to connect. As a new Director of a Montessori preschool, this opportunity empowered me to learn more about the connections of strengths within our group. Knowing each person's top strengths will allow me to support, guide, and lead our team to be more productive. Dr. Brenda Bernstorf explained further the characteristics and themes for each person. She shared how we can build upon those strengths to be successful and happy, In addition, she provided detailed combination charts and additional supportive materials/resources for us to continue our knowledge. I would highly recommend Brenda as a coach to help you and others learn more about their strengths in order to become a successful team." 

Rhonda L. McKay, Executive Director, Children's House of Nashville