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Start with Strengths!

Psychologist Albert Bandura believed that self-efficacy, or the belief that you have the ability to succeed, plays a major role in how you approach goals and tasks. No matter what kind of change you face, coaching starts with building upon your personal, individualized strengths. Dr. Bernstorf begins by exploring your strengths and helping you understand how using your unique strengths can help you achieve your goals.

What clients say...

"Brenda has helped me as a person and as a pastor of a constantly changing and growing congregation. Through the Gallup Strengths assessment we have uncovered my gifts. This has helped me to focus on those things which I can do well, and allow others to do those things which I'm not gifted to do. One of the most valuable tools that Brenda offers, is the ability to look at your employees and teams and see how each team member works within the team. She also shows possible areas of conflict between abilities. This has helped me in relationships with our board and other leaders when there are breakdowns of communication or relational struggles. Brenda is a great coach for individuals who would like to grow in their understanding of their own unique abilities and how they can work better with others."   

Alan Clark, Senior Pastor, Gateway Community Church

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